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Update your Electronic System
for Travel Authorization


You can update your email address and/or your address of stay in the United States.


Update ESTA Application: Update your US ESTA travel information

Sometimes persons from Visa Waiver countries need to update their ESTA visa information. If you need to update your ESTA visa, you can follow the steps in the ESTA update form. It is important to fill in the fields correctly when you verify your ESTA application.

The only information that is possible to update are these two sections:

Your email address.
Your address when staying in the United States.

It is recommended to have your ESTA visa up-to-date. This is fast and easy done with the ESTA update form. It is especially useful to update the travel authorization if you have changed your email address, changed address when staying in the United States or typed the address or email address incorrectly. However, you cannot update your ESTA if you are in transit. Even though the number is sent electronically to airlines, it is always recommended to bring a printout of your approved online US visa for reference in either a soft or hard copy. If any other information in your passport has changed, you need to submit a new US ESTA application. The American ESTA is valid for two years, where it is possible for travelers from Visa Waiver countries to visit the United States for 90 days at a time.

Update and Verify your ESTA

Some information on the ESTA application may be updated after submission of the application and payment. Once the application form has been submitted, approved and received, only the following details may be changed: the applicants’ address when staying in the US and the email address. For mistakes relating to passport details there is no option to change; in cases where mistakes have been made, and the application submitted and paid for, a new application for ESTA must be made, and the processing fee paid again. Only the information about your email address and your address when staying in the United States can be updated, however If you are in transit, you have no option to update your ESTA.

USA ESTA Visa and the Visa Waiver Program

The United States of America has seen an increase of persons visiting the country since the U.S. Government applied the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). There have been a large growth of tourists, business professionals and persons that travel to the United States for medical or recreational reasons to the US. The introduction of the Visa Waiver Program was originally a plan to improve the country’s business and tourism, as well as promote safe and lawful travel for countries participating in the VWP. The program involves 38 nations whose citizens can benefit significantly if doing business in the US or need medical treatment only found in the US. The implementation of an online ESTA form has proved to be very efficient for travellers as it rarely takes more than ten minutes to apply. All you need is a computer, mobile or tablet with an internet connection, and simply fill out the application form with the required information.

Visa Waiver Countries

Andorra Hungary Norway
Australia Iceland Portugal
Austria Ireland San Marino
Belgium Italy Singapore
Brunei Japan Slovakia
Chile Latvia Slovenia
Czech Republic Liechtenstein South Korea
Denmark Lithuania Spain
Estonia Luxembourg Sweden
Finland Malta Switzerland
France Monaco Taiwan
Germany Netherlands United Kingdom
Greece New Zealand
Update your ESTA visa

Need a new ESTA? Application process:

Step 1: Start new application

Step 2: Complete application

Step 3: Confirm secure payment

Step 4: Obtain approved ESTA

Update your ESTA visa

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